A very basic question...

E Johnson ej.isc at indicium.org
Mon Aug 10 02:15:05 UTC 2009

 From what I have read so far, I can see that this might be a very 
flame-worthy question, so please don't hurt me, I'm just a beginner...

I have read every howto that I can find on setting up a DNS server for a 
very small, 12 seats, network.  The DNS server just needs to be 
authoritative for the internal network and then it should forward 
external requests to the outside world.  Here is the question...

Most of the howtos say that I should setup a Root Zone so that I can 
access the Internet.  Then a small few of the howtos say that I should 
use the forwarder option to be able to access the Internet and they say 
that the Root Zone should not be used because the Root DNS servers 
aren't meant for that.

So, which is the best/proper way to do this?


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