does allow-transfer have cache

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at
Tue Aug 11 18:23:20 UTC 2009

On 11.08.09 08:37, Nelson Serafica wrote:
> Currently I have primary (ns1) and secondary (ns2) dns on the same 
> network. I'm now doing redundancy and planning to put secondary to 
> another isp. I have now setup the new secondary dns on the another 
> network.
> I change the allow-transfer {; localhost; }; to allow-transfer { 
>; localhost; }; on the named.conf of the ns1 assuming is 
> ns2 old ip and is ns2 new ip on the another network.
> However, ns1 still keeps on transferring to but I can see it was 
> denied since I have already change it to I do rndc reload and 
> /etc/init.d/named restart.
> My question is does allow-transfer has a cache that's why named keeps on 
> transferring the request to and not on

Your named is clearly not transferring to, but you apparently did
not move the ns2 to new IP so it still tries to fetch zone(s) from old IP.
Move ns2 to and it will ask fot transfers from that IP.

allow-transfer only configures who (which IP) will be allowed to transfer
a zone, but it has nothing to do with who will ask to fetch the zone.

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