does allow-transfer have cache

Nelson Serafica ntserafica at
Tue Aug 11 00:37:14 UTC 2009

Currently I have primary (ns1) and secondary (ns2) dns on the same network. I'm now doing redundancy and planning to put 
secondary to another isp. I have now setup the new secondary dns on the another network.

I change the allow-transfer {; localhost; }; to allow-transfer {; localhost; }; on the named.conf of the 
ns1 assuming is ns2 old ip and is ns2 new ip on the another network.

However, ns1 still keeps on transferring to but I can see it was denied since I have already change it to I do rndc reload and /etc/init.d/named restart.

My question is does allow-transfer has a cache that's why named keeps on transferring the request to and not on

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