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In message <5EA10B89-4650-4F82-A41D-CB511CE2A9A9 at>, Josh Paetzel write
> I've googled a bit and been unable to find the solution that I need.
> I have a master nameserver that has 4 views configured.  I have a  
> slave for this that is currently using 4 IPs to slave the views.  This  
> works fairly well, except that the slave server is unable to handle  
> NOTIFY from the master.  So when I do an update to a zone I have to  
> stop the slave, delete it's cache files, and restart it.  The slave is  
> able to properly load zones, since it uses the correct IPs to transfer  
> the zones, and it gets the right views, all is well.
> I've read that BIND 9.3 can use TSIG for view selection, but all I've  
> ben able to find is using TSIG for one view, and no TSIG for the other  
> view.  What I would like to do is configure four separate TSIG keys  
> and do view selection based on which key is used.
> Is this possible?  And where can I find documentation on it?

	Yes.  Read the FAQ.
> # named -v
> BIND 9.4.3-P2
> I'm also willing to other solutions, or providing a look in to my  
> configuration if BIND should be able to handle the NOTIFYs
> Thanks,
> Josh Paetzel
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