Matthew Seaman m.seaman at infracaninophile.co.uk
Wed Aug 19 10:43:19 UTC 2009

Is anyone out there using $GENERATE to create blocks of AAAA and PTR records
for IPv6?  Particularly PTR records?

It seems easy enough to create AAAA records automatically:

$ORIGIN infracaninophile.co.uk.
$GENERATE 0-255 2001-8b0-151-1-240-0-1234-${0,0,x} AAAA 2001:8b0:151:1:240:0:1234:${0,0,x}

but how to create the corresponding PTR records?  Since the labels for 
.ip6.arpa records are single hex digits, then I'd have to have 16 $GENERATE
lines to create 256 PTR records like so:

$GENERATE 0-15  ${0,0,x}. PTR 2001-8b0-151-1-240-0-1234-${0,0,x}.infracaninophile.co.uk.
$GENERATE 16-31 ${0,0,x}. PTR 2001-8b0-151-1-240-0-1234-${0,0,x}.infracaninophile.co.uk.
$GENERATE 32-47 ${0,0,x}. PTR 2001-8b0-151-1-240-0-1234-${0,0,x}.infracaninophile.co.uk.

which seems to pretty much obviate the point of using $GENERATE in the
first place.  Other than writing a few scripts to generate the list
records directly are there any alternatives?

It would be handy if there was a format code eg 'P' that produced
reverse order hex digits separated by '.' -- so eg ${0,4,P} would 
expand to something like

for the example above.   



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