FW: Delegating reverse DNS to a customer

Chris Hills chaz at chaz6.com
Sat Aug 22 11:40:07 UTC 2009

On 18/08/09 20:32, Kevin Darcy wrote:
> No, you can't do a "sideways" delegation like that.
> The correct solution, as stated elsewhere, is to get
> 251.250.63.in-addr.arpa delegated directly from ARIN to the customer.

Strictly speaking it is legal to use DNAME at the apex of a zone since 
DNAME only redirects descendant domains.

For example:-

251.250.63.in-addr.arpa. IN DNAME rev.cust.example.com.

And in the customer's zone:-
1.rev.cust.example.com. IN PTR ip63-250-251-1.cust.example.com.
ip63-250-251-1.cust.example.com. IN A

I do not disagree that in arin region swip is the way to go. Just 
showing that there is MTOWTDI!

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