Test is "unresolved" building 9.6.1-P1

John Center john.center at villanova.edu
Fri Aug 21 16:48:58 UTC 2009


I'm building 9.6.1-P1 on Solaris 10 SPARC with SS12u1 & the only issue 
I've come across running "make test" is this:

A:the dst module provides the capability to verify data signed with the 
RSA and DSA algorithms
I:testing t2_data_1, t2_dsasig, test., 23616, DST_ALG_DSA, ISC_R_SUCCESS
I:testing t2_data_1, t2_rsasig, test., 54622, DST_ALG_RSAMD5, ISC_R_SUCCESS
I:testing t2_data_1, t2_dsasig, test., 54622, DST_ALG_RSAMD5, !ISC_R_SUCCESS
I:testing t2_data_2, t2_dsasig, test., 23616, DST_ALG_DSA, !ISC_R_SUCCESS
mem.c:322: INSIST(dl != 0L) failed.
I:the test case caused exception 6

What does this test for, & what is the issue here?



John Center
Villanova University

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