Punycode & nslookup

Joe Baptista baptista at publicroot.org
Fri Dec 4 17:13:21 UTC 2009

On Fri, Dec 4, 2009 at 10:23 AM, Kai Szymanski <ks at codebiz.de> wrote:

> Hi Joe,
> my "problem" is: I can't test the zone with nslookup (only when i use the
> puny-encoded domainname). Also other tools who uses dns to resolv the
> entered domainname (like ping www.umlauttestäöü.de<http://www.xn--umlauttest-z5a0tyc.de>)
> did'nt work.

I'm not sure what the state of nslookup is these days with respect to
support for idn. One would think it should accept umlauts and translate to
punycode. I can see how a lack of idn support can cause even programmers

> So i thought that
> 1. The User enters a url with Umlauts in browser
> 2. Browser examine url, "see" that there is umlaut in the domainname, an
> encoded it (internal, so the user did'nt see it) to puny code and ask the
> default nameserver for the domainname in punycode
> Is this correct ?

Thats how it should work. Its more of a cosmetic user thing and if browsers
did that much user confusion would be reduced if they could see the idn
domain instead of so an xn--* domain. Now there could very well be a browser
that does this. I don't know - the last time I tested this was back when
Ubuntu 7.?? was released. Don't remember the exact date and the only browser
I tested it on was Firefox.

Have you tried other browsers? And what browser(s) have you tested this on.

You have hit on a very important point here.

joe baptista
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