BIND9 slave

Matthew Pounsett matt at
Mon Dec 7 16:15:35 UTC 2009

On 07-Dec-2009, at 08:37, George wrote:

> Is there a way to make the slave server automatically get and update
> any new domains that are added to the master server?

This question pops up about once every two months on the list.  There  
are several other discussions on the subject that you could search for  
and read.

In short, though:  There's nothing in the protocol for doing that, and  
BIND does not currently have a proprietary way of doing this.

Previous discussions on the list have covered a number of different  
ways of implementing this yourself.  Most are pretty simple  
descriptions of perl scripts that modify your master sever's  
named.conf to work on the slave so that it can be automatically scp'd  
over when it's updated.  My personal favourite is Paul Vixie's  
'federated domains' example, described here:


If you search the list you'll find many, many others.


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