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In BIND, no.

There are some solutions discussed (check the archives) around setting
up special zones with the meta data required for the slaves to create
their own slaves, I've even whipped up a POC, but I've not found a
ready-made tool yet.

Your best bet is to script something up.  We have a standard format for
our files, so all I do is parse the named.conf from my master, change
"master" to "slave" and add the "masters" line.  I then have a script
that pushes the new file out to the slaves and "rndc reconfigs" them.
This works best if you use includes for your zone configuration, keeping
it out of named.conf.

It's pretty trivial for a lab quality deployment, but for production,
I'd look around or develop something a little more robust.



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I am trying to set up a BIND9 slave server.

>From the docs I found on the internet I can see that when you add a
new domain it needs to be added on both slave and master in
named.conf. Is this correct?

Is there a way to make the slave server automatically get and update
any new domains that are added to the master server?

Please advise.

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