Remove/add [A] records based upon server availability

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This has been discussed million times.

DNS Round Robin A-records are NOT for implementing fail-safe structure
in such way.
Most browsers will fail when they get not-responding IP from round
robin record and will not try to get another one.
And some of clients will cache this IP, so deleting it upon death will not help.

On Sat, Dec 26, 2009 at 11:14 PM, Ryan S <ryan332211 at> wrote:
> Is there a method in BIND to add/remove A records based upon server
> availability?
> i.e.
> host www has A records,,  If is 'down' (via
> a ping test, for example) we remove it from the [A] record until such time
> that it is back 'up' and the host is added back to the A records.
> Does this exist in BIND or has anyone developed such a script?  I would like
> to do this.  please help!!  thanks.
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