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Sun Feb 1 14:38:37 UTC 2009

Dear Admins
I installed Bindv9.5.1 and it works properly,,but i have some questions 
about these parameters:

# netstat -an |grep 53 |wc
     391    1223   20656

is first number the total queries which asked from my server on port 53 or 
number of sessions that stablished?
what is the second and third numbers

# netstat -an |grep 953 |wc
       1       7      75
what are above numbers?(first-second-third)?

# rndc status
soa queries in progress: 1
query logging is OFF
recursive clients: 365/32668/32768
tcp clients: 3/10000
server is up and running

what is the meaning of recursive clinets 365/32668?
is 365 the number of queries which asked from my server or number of 
sessions from other clients to me?
what is the meaning of tcp clients:3?

any guide would be appreciated
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