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> I installed Bindv9.5.1 and it works properly,,but i have some questions 
> about these parameters:
> # netstat -an |grep 53 |wc
>      391    1223   20656
> is first number the total queries which asked from my server on port 53 or 
> number of sessions that stablished?

It's matching all lines in netstat that contain "53" anywhere.  It could 
be in the IP address, or you could be seeing Unix domain sockets with 53 
in the hex code.

> what is the second and third numbers

Can't you read the man page for wc?  The second column is the number of 
words in the grep output, the third column is the number of characters.

> # netstat -an |grep 953 |wc
>        1       7      75
> what are above numbers?(first-second-third)?
> # rndc status
> xxx...
> soa queries in progress: 1
> query logging is OFF
> recursive clients: 365/32668/32768
> tcp clients: 3/10000
> server is up and running
> what is the meaning of recursive clinets 365/32668?
> is 365 the number of queries which asked from my server or number of 
> sessions from other clients to me?

It's sessions from clients to you.

> what is the meaning of tcp clients:3?

TCP is usually used for zone transfers, but may also be used if a 
response is too big for UDP.

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