How many nameservers?

Ben Croswell ben.croswell at
Tue Feb 3 12:33:51 UTC 2009

That was my understanding.  It would only overflow if you actually had
enough NS records that the NS records themselves couldn't fit in the answer

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On Tue, Feb 3, 2009 at 1:00 AM, Barry Margolin <barmar at> wrote:

> In article <gm7ksm$198c$1 at>, bsfinkel at wrote:
> > One downside - if you have many NS records, then they might not all
> > fit in one UDP packet (the Authority and/or Addition sections of a
> > response to a DNS query).  This will cause the protocol to revert
> > to TCP.
> Truncation isn't supposed to happen if you overflow in the Additional
> section, is it?  These records are already optional, so they can be left
> out if it would cause the packet to exceed the maximum UDP size.
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