possible noob question - @ CNAME?

RJValenta rjvalenta at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 17:36:18 UTC 2009

forever ago, i set myself up with a solid bandwidth and static IPs and
started to host websites for my friends & their small businesses.
basically, they covered the cost of my internet access.

so for 10 years i've been hosting my own name, mail, and web servers
allowing me to '@ A xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' and then to make life easy i
would 'www IN CNAME mywebserver.mydomain.com.'  i say easy, because
that way in the event that i changed ISPs and got new IP addresses,
there was less chance of my screwing up a www and MX record if i made
sure to change the two primary machines' A records properly.

however, the '@ IN xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' would always need to be changed

Is there a way around this?  is it possible in some fashion to '@ IN
CNAME my.server.com' ?

I ask because I'm trying to trim back here, and move my NS hosting to
NetSol and subsequently trim back on what i have to manage.  at this
stage in the game i'd rather have more time to not worry about my
friend's personal website about their kids, and still be confident
that their wife's home business website will still stay up.

any ideas on how i can CNAME their @ record so their http://whatever.com
will still work, but in the end, i'm only managing one domain's IP



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