possible noob question - @ CNAME?

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at isc.org
Sun Feb 8 22:44:49 UTC 2009

In message <e4b42c39-914d-42be-9488-7ae0eba34aa7 at r41g2000prr.googlegroups.com>, RJValenta writes:
> forever ago, i set myself up with a solid bandwidth and static IPs and
> started to host websites for my friends & their small businesses.
> basically, they covered the cost of my internet access.
> so for 10 years i've been hosting my own name, mail, and web servers
> allowing me to '@ A xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' and then to make life easy i
> would 'www IN CNAME mywebserver.mydomain.com.'  i say easy, because
> that way in the event that i changed ISPs and got new IP addresses,
> there was less chance of my screwing up a www and MX record if i made
> sure to change the two primary machines' A records properly.
> however, the '@ IN xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' would always need to be changed
> manually.
> Is there a way around this?  is it possible in some fashion to '@ IN
> CNAME my.server.com' ?
> I ask because I'm trying to trim back here, and move my NS hosting to
> NetSol and subsequently trim back on what i have to manage.  at this
> stage in the game i'd rather have more time to not worry about my
> friend's personal website about their kids, and still be confident
> that their wife's home business website will still stay up.
> any ideas on how i can CNAME their @ record so their http://whatever.com
> will still work, but in the end, i'm only managing one domain's IP
> records?
> thanks,
> richard
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	No you can't.  From the FAQ.

Q: I get error messages like "multiple RRs of singleton type" and "CNAME
   and other data" when transferring a zone. What does this mean?

A: These indicate a malformed master zone. You can identify the exact
   records involved by transferring the zone using dig then running
   named-checkzone on it.

   dig axfr example.com @master-server > tmp
   named-checkzone example.com tmp

   A CNAME record cannot exist with the same name as another record except
   for the DNSSEC records which prove its existence (NSEC).

   RFC 1034, Section 3.6.2: "If a CNAME RR is present at a node, no other
   data should be present; this ensures that the data for a canonical name
   and its aliases cannot be different. This rule also insures that a
   cached CNAME can be used without checking with an authoritative server
   for other RR types."

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