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> Dear list,
> I tried googling about a Catch-All setup for a DNS, with little
> I tried messing around with some zone/hint files in an isolated setup,
> but without any success.
> What I am trying to achieve is the following:
> No matter which host/name is looked up, the DNS should spit out the
> IP address. The intention is to bring the users to a specific
> webserver/webpage, not matter what web page the intend to surf to, for
> the easiness of setting up their connection. The basic idea is,
> unauthenticated clients will be put in an isolated network, users then
> pop up their web browser, will land on a specific webpage with
> instructions on which steps they need to take, to get proper access.
> I tried to create a "*" zone, which seems to be ignored by bind, or
> rather bind doesn't like the contents of the zone file.
> I'd appreciate any pointer to some information, how I can tweak bind
> do such a thing.
> With best regards
> -Sven

Sven -

Use the same/normal "" zone file, but make an A record like

*		IN	A

(replace above with your stuff, then should work for
any request). 


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