ResendRE: ns_type question

Jack Tavares j.tavares at
Tue Feb 24 08:46:31 UTC 2009

> > No, you're looking at the right place, and libbind isn't supposed to
> > provide any new feature regarding the new DNSSEC spec.
> Ok. So is there a 'C' api for dealing with DNSSEC in this regard?

>Hmm...I was wrong.  There's actually a planned patch to introduce
>newer types in nameser.h, including DNSKEY.  If what you need as "a
'>C' api for dealing with DNSSEC" is just new enum elements for these
>RR types, a near future version of libbind will satisfy you.

Yes, all I wanted was the additions to the enum. I plan on patching it
when I build the libbrary for my own uses until a new version of libbind
is available.


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