rndc reconfig issue

Ronni Jensen roj at mvb.dk
Tue Feb 24 13:47:17 UTC 2009


Every night I have a perl script generate a config file which contains
approximately 5000 zones at the moment, but this will vary in size as
zones are added/removed.

However, when I put >>include "/etc/special-zones.conf";<< into
named.conf and do "rndc reconfig", the named service is not answering
DNS queries while it is loading the config, which takes a really long
time :-/

I was under the impression that "rndc reconfig" would not affect the
service as such, but apparently it does.

Does anyone have a qualified suggestion on how to reload configuration
(load the new zones and unload the ones that are not in the config file
anymore) without stalling the DNS service so it does not affect the user

Thank you..


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