EDNS - edns-udp-size and max-udp-size

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at isc.org
Wed Feb 25 00:40:45 UTC 2009

In message <20090225002133.GB99327 at isc.org>, Evan Hunt writes:
> > 	The code just looks at the number of timeouts not at what
> > 	size was sent in the initial query.  triededns512() records
> > 	when the DNS_FETCHOPT_EDNS512 has been set not when the
> > 	initial query advertised a receive buffer of 512 bytes.
> But, if the initial query uses a receive buffer of 512 bytes or less,
> can't we just set DNS_FETCHOPT_EDNS512 straight off and save a step?
>                                         eh

	One could but, as was evident from the logs, it would cause
	named to switch back to plain DNS more often when it didn't
	need to.

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