PTR delegation

Scott Haneda talklists at
Wed Jun 3 18:53:27 UTC 2009

Hoping I can get a walk through in simple terms, but also a pointer to  
some docs where I can dive into the details.  I think I am finding  
what I want in the docs, but those docs come up 404 since the isc site  
changed things a bit, from there, I generally can not locate the old  
doc file.

1) Is it possible to determine what ip range/space has been given to  
user of that IP space?  For example, in a colocation environment, I am  
given say, a /24, and I want to look that up and see if it really is  
a /24.  I have found the -x option which is making life a lot easier  
to find PTR records.

2) Given an IP that does not have a PTR, how do I determine if it has  
been "sub delegated" (?) to the user of that IP?   I need to learn  
whether or not I need to contact the IP provider, and ask for a PTR  
record, or if I need to add one in myself.

Thank you.
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