queries with no RD bit set are truncating

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Thu Jun 11 23:08:21 UTC 2009

In message <f45e198a0906110302l15963338jb0118ab48c74131a at mail.gmail.com>, Peter
 Andreev writes:
> Thank you for answer, Kevin.
> Yes, recursion completely *off* by "recursion no;" option. And only my
> servers are authoritative for client's zone. So I'm in confusion, because as
> you said, for servers should not have a difference between RD=0 and RD=1.
> I'm afraid that there are reasons for such strange behaviour that are hidden
> from me. I'm worry that this reasons can become an unevident source of
> problems in the future.

	Peter, why don't you post what you are seeing?

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