Trouble With One Domain

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Fri Jun 26 13:49:43 UTC 2009

bsfinkel at wrote:

>> There are problems accessing this domain from the Internet, and I cannot
>> determine what the problem is.  I have no trouble from Argonne, as the
>> domain is slaved on all of my servers.  I do not see any problem with
>> the delegations, but I may be missing something.  When I go to

and Hauke Lampe <list+bindusers at> replied:

>I get SERVFAIL responses from BIND resolvers while Unbound returns an
>answer. I think CNAMEs in your delegation could be the cause:

I normally use

to check domains/zones.  This particular utility stops when it cannot
get the SOA.  It does not diagnose why it can't get the SOA.

Someone pointed me to, which correctly diagnoses the

I do not see an e-mail address on the page to report
this deficiency; I assume that someone associated with the code will
see this mail.
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