NS rr configuration: 1*NS + 4xA vs. 4xNS ?

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Mon Jun 29 10:18:34 UTC 2009


I am planning to change NS records in our and our customers' zones.

I'll have four nameservers on different networks, and I'd like to make
configuration as easy as possible by using only one NS record for them all.

What I currently have is similar to:

domain.example.    IN NS ns.domain.example.
                   IN NS ns1.domain.example.
                   IN NS ns2.domain.example.
                   IN NS ns.example.com.
ns.domain.example.  IN A
ns1.domain.example. IN A
ns2.domain.example. IN A
ns.example.com.     IN A

I would like to change it this way:

domain.example.    IN NS ns.domain.example.
ns.domain.example. IN A
                   IN A
                   IN A
                   IN A

That way our customers for which we will configure slaves will only have to
add one NS record instead of four (or less, which will currently put load on
only some of our servers).

customer.example. IN NS ns.customer.example.
                  IN NS ns.domain.example.
ns.customer.example. IN A

- when bind will access to servers for the customer.example., will it spread
  the load onto all ip addresses equally, will it send half of queries to
  ns.customer.example. and half to ns.domain.example. ?

(I know this usually only happens for first lookup but anyway)

I am also planning to use hidden master so another question is:
- will BIND send NOTIFY to all IP addresses of 1 NS record?
  (multiple A's for one name can be understood as one multihomed host)

The rest is not strictly BIND-related, but I hope it may be acceptable in
this list. Does anyone know, if:

- will registrars who require more nameservers in different subnets accept
  providing only "ns.domain.example." as a NS, or will they require other NS
  - if they require other NS record, will they accept "ns.isp.example." with
    the same set of A records?

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