NS rr configuration: 1*NS + 4xA vs. 4xNS ?

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Mon Jun 29 15:08:00 UTC 2009

In message <20090629101834.GA31308 at fantomas.sk>, Matus UHLAR - fantomas writes:
> Hello,
> I am planning to change NS records in our and our customers' zones.
> I'll have four nameservers on different networks, and I'd like to make
> configuration as easy as possible by using only one NS record for them all.

	And harder to debug.  1 name to 1 machine is easy to debug.
> What I currently have is similar to:
> domain.example.    IN NS ns.domain.example.
>                    IN NS ns1.domain.example.
>                    IN NS ns2.domain.example.
>                    IN NS ns.example.com.
> ns.domain.example.  IN A
> ns1.domain.example. IN A
> ns2.domain.example. IN A
> ns.example.com.     IN A
> I would like to change it this way:
> domain.example.    IN NS ns.domain.example.
> ns.domain.example. IN A
>                    IN A
>                    IN A
>                    IN A
> That way our customers for which we will configure slaves will only have to
> add one NS record instead of four (or less, which will currently put load on
> only some of our servers).
> customer.example. IN NS ns.customer.example.
>                   IN NS ns.domain.example.
> ns.customer.example. IN A
> - when bind will access to servers for the customer.example., will it spread
>   the load onto all ip addresses equally, will it send half of queries to
>   ns.customer.example. and half to ns.domain.example. ?
> (I know this usually only happens for first lookup but anyway)
> I am also planning to use hidden master so another question is:
> - will BIND send NOTIFY to all IP addresses of 1 NS record?
>   (multiple A's for one name can be understood as one multihomed host)
> The rest is not strictly BIND-related, but I hope it may be acceptable in
> this list. Does anyone know, if:
> - will registrars who require more nameservers in different subnets accept
>   providing only "ns.domain.example." as a NS, or will they require other NS
>   record?
>   - if they require other NS record, will they accept "ns.isp.example." with
>     the same set of A records?
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