multiple internal views not working

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Mon Nov 2 19:17:32 UTC 2009

I you control all of the resolvers in this scenario, and the clients 
aren't doing their own caching-and-reordering-of-responses, you might 
consider using sortlists and round-robins instead of views. That would 
get you out of having to maintain the same zones in parallel.

Note that if the clients are recent Wintel they *already* perform 
sortlisting automatically, for addresses on their own subnets. It's 
built into the network stack.

- Kevin

P.S. Why would the CNAMEs need to be differentiated? Surely only the A 
records would vary, and the CNAMEs could stay the same (?)

Paul Krash wrote:
> Morning!
> I have been struggling with getting two internal views to work on 
> three BIND servers running on Ubuntu Linux 8.04.2 x64
> ( kernel 2.6.24-23-server ) for two straight working days
> (OK, I have other projects too. :-)
> Scope: present different CNAMES and A records to one subnet 
> (10.x.D.0/24) and another for all remaining (10.x.0.0/16)
> This will allow my .5 subnet to automount NFS via UDP
> without jiggering the network infrastructure (routers and switches).
> NFS and NIS servers are homed on multiple networks
> (.A.x/24, .B.x/24, .D.x/24)
> Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated (virtual beer and 
> libations are on the way) in finding a working config example.
> I have read the ARMs, searched Google and communities, no joy.
> I apologize in advance if there is a well known fount of this knowledge,
> you know how it is, being a sys/sec/net admin at a dynamically 
> changing technology company :-)
> Best,
> Paul Krash
> Sys/Sec/Net Administrator
> Exegy, Inc.
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