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Tue Nov 3 02:36:34 UTC 2009

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> Morning!
> I have been struggling with getting two internal views to work on three 
> BIND servers running on Ubuntu Linux 8.04.2 x64
> ( kernel 2.6.24-23-server ) for two straight working days
> (OK, I have other projects too. :-)
> Scope: present different CNAMES and A records to one subnet 
> (10.x.D.0/24) and another for all remaining (10.x.0.0/16)
> This will allow my .5 subnet to automount NFS via UDP
> without jiggering the network infrastructure (routers and switches).
> NFS and NIS servers are homed on multiple networks
> (.A.x/24, .B.x/24, .D.x/24)
> Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated (virtual beer and 
> libations are on the way) in finding a working config example.
> I have read the ARMs, searched Google and communities, no joy.
> I apologize in advance if there is a well known fount of this knowledge,
> you know how it is, being a sys/sec/net admin at a dynamically changing 
> technology company :-)

Make sure you have the views in the appropriate order.  Views are 
checked in the order they appear in the named.conf file, not order of 
specificity.  So you need to have the /24 view before the /16 view.

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