One A record fails on one server on Sunday evening

Josh Luthman josh at
Tue Nov 3 17:21:29 UTC 2009

How do I export the cache dump?

rndc dumpdb on the first execute took a few seconds, but after updatedb &&
locate named_dump.db (as it suggested it would store it there) returns
nothing.  The man page for rndc doesn't say anything about these commands

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On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 9:39 PM, Barry Margolin <barmar at> wrote:

> In article <mailman.872.1257181286.14796.bind-users at>,
>  Josh Luthman <josh at> wrote:
> > It has happened the last 4 or 5 Sunday nights.
> >
> > Currently there are no logs - what categories would you suggest I start
> > logging?
> >
> > The server comes back with simply no response.  It just times out.  It
> > resolves every other record I could think of to ask it.  Also, it may or
> may
> > not be relevant but if I ssh in I can ping (and hence resolve) the
> >
> When it's failing, make a cache dump.  Check the cache for the NS
> records of the domain, and the A records for the nameservers.
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