One A record fails on one server on Sunday evening

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Tue Nov 3 23:49:34 UTC 2009

In message <961092e10911030921x3ff3ce60xdb3d1f0534159adb at>, Josh 
Luthman writes:
> How do I export the cache dump?
> rndc dumpdb on the first execute took a few seconds, but after updatedb &&
> locate named_dump.db (as it suggested it would store it there) returns
> nothing.  The man page for rndc doesn't say anything about these commands
> either.

	You need to look at either of the following locations.  The latter
	is used when <dump-file> contains a absolute path.


	<chroot> (as specified by -t on the command line)
	<directory> (as specified by the "directory" clause in named.conf
		     and defaults to ".")
	<dump-file> (as specified by the "dump-file" clause in named.conf and
		      defaults to "named_dump.db")

		<chroot> = "/choot"
		<directory> = "/var/named"
		<dump-file> = "named_dump.db"

		gives "/choot/var/named/named_dump.db"

		<chroot> = "/var/named"
		<directory> = "."
		<dump-file> = "named_dump.db"

		gives "/var/named/./named_dump.db"

		<chroot> = (not set as -t not used)
		<directory> = "/var/named"
		<dump-file> = "named_dump.db"

		gives "/var/named/named_dump.db"

		<chroot> = "/chroot"
		<directory> = "/var/named"
		<dump-file> = "/data/named_dump.db"
		gives "/chroot/data/named_dump.db"


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