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Tue Nov 10 22:52:45 UTC 2009

In message <4AF9DFBA.6040501 at>, Raj Adhikari writes:
> Thanks Chris for the reply.
> Actually, let me put my question the other way.
> How can one delegate the classless subnet to other DNS?
> Actually, one of our ISP could not delegate classless subnet to our
> server I am trying to help them in delegating the
> classless subnet to us. So this scenario is simulating our ISP and us. I
> was just testing with one of our other subnets checking if delegation
> will work. Unfortunately, we both are using windows DNS. Windows just
> have RFC 2317 way on configuring the delegation on it KB article using
> CNAME, which I think has lots of problems. But I am following this BIND
> way for delegation. I think, in windows the DNS configuration is more or
> less similar to BIND.
> In this scenario, lets say is my ISP and
> is us. owns and
> take a subnet 134.224/28 from them. So isn't
> there a way for to delegate the subnet to
> Do again have to talk to their
> upper ISP to delegate directly to us? What if upper ISP also need to ask
> their upper tier ISP. It seems I am lacking some basic concept here
> about the owner of the subnet. If a true owner delegates the subnet to
> its client ISP, can't this ISP again delegate the classless subnet agin
> to its client ISP?
> Thank you,
> Rajendra Adhikari
You tell your ISP where the delegation needs to point.  If your ISP
controls the exclosing name in the DNS namespace they update it
there or they pass on your request to where they got their address
space from.  Repeat until the delegation is added to the parent

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