Reverse DNS Dig returning PTR results only with trace option

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Wed Nov 11 12:37:48 UTC 2009

> Raj Adhikari wrote:
>> Thanks Chris for the reply.
>> Actually, let me put my question the other way.
>> How can one delegate the classless subnet to other DNS?
>> Actually, one of our ISP could not delegate classless subnet to our
>> server I am trying to help them in delegating the
>> classless subnet to us. So this scenario is simulating our ISP and us. I
>> was just testing with one of our other subnets checking if delegation
>> will work. Unfortunately, we both are using windows DNS. Windows just
>> have RFC 2317 way on configuring the delegation on it KB article using
>> CNAME, which I think has lots of problems. But I am following this BIND
>> way for delegation. I think, in windows the DNS configuration is more or
>> less similar to BIND.

On 10.11.09 17:23, Kevin Darcy wrote:
> There is no "BIND way" versus "Windows way". For a range smaller than  
> /24 you either need to host all the records in the /24 zone, delegate  
> each entry individually (as /32 zones), or use CNAMEs. This is  
> determined by the protocol, regardless of whether you're using Microsoft  
> DNS, BIND or any other implementation.

Note that each domain that is delegated SHOULD have proper SOA and NS
records, otherwise strange things (like the one you have envcountered) may
happen. If you delegate by adding NS records for each PTR, you create
different domains for them. The same applies to forward domains (I've seen
examples of single record delegations and related problems)

It's much easier and safer to do CNAME delegations.

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