System Resolver Test App?

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Thu Nov 12 18:37:53 UTC 2009

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> I have confirmed the issue with the Citrix Netscaler and AAAA records which
> is documented at the link bellow.  Thanks for everyone's help figuring this
> out.

That article was obviously written by someone who knows little of DNS, 
and also I doubt that English is his native language.  Notice this 
sentence from the Engineering Analysis:

When the engineers queried the BIND LDNS server for Authentication, 
Authorization, Accounting and Auditing (AAAA or quad A) record, the GSLB 
NetScaler appliance returned a response with root hint records and the 
bind returned the SERVFAIL response.

Do they really think that the AAAA record type is an abbreviation for 
that?  It's just Address Address Address Address -- IPv6 addresses are 
4x the length of IPv4 addresses.

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