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> > I have confirmed the issue with the Citrix Netscaler and AAAA records which
> > is documented at the link bellow.  Thanks for everyone's help figuring this
> > out.
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> That article was obviously written by someone who knows little of DNS, 
> and also I doubt that English is his native language.  Notice this 
> sentence from the Engineering Analysis:
> When the engineers queried the BIND LDNS server for Authentication, 
> Authorization, Accounting and Auditing (AAAA or quad A) record, the GSLB 
> NetScaler appliance returned a response with root hint records and the 
> bind returned the SERVFAIL response.
> Do they really think that the AAAA record type is an abbreviation for 
> that?  It's just Address Address Address Address -- IPv6 addresses are 
> 4x the length of IPv4 addresses.

It's obviously gone from the engineer who just used SOA and AAAA
to a publisist who looked up SOA and AAAA and just used what he
found rather than verify with the engineer that it was correct.

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