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Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Thu Sep 3 12:16:07 UTC 2009

On 20.08.09 13:59, BBB Kee wrote:
> We are using solaris x86 bind-9.5.1-P3.  I tried that
> when "rndc flushname www.hsbc.com.hk." and "dig a
> www.hsbc.com.hk." a few times, sometimes our
> nameserver reply servfail.  It shouldn't be the memory
> problem as the daemon just started.  Any clue of it?

> www.hsbc.com.hk.        20      IN      A
> www.hsbc.com.hk.        900     IN      NS      mtyprdgss01.hsbc.com.hk.
> www.hsbc.com.hk.        900     IN      NS      tkoprdgss02.hsbc.com.hk.
> www.hsbc.com.hk.        900     IN      NS      tkoprdgss01.hsbc.com.hk.
> mtyprdgss01.hsbc.com.hk. 17     IN      A
> tkoprdgss01.hsbc.com.hk. 577    IN      A
> tkoprdgss02.hsbc.com.hk. 73     IN      A

the www.hsbc.com.hk. is delegated (via glue NS record) to three servers and
they all only reply with A record, no NS. I encountered the same problem
with different domain under the same circumstances. I think that if
www.hsbc.com.hk. is delegated to some servers, they should provide NS and
SOA too...

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