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On 20.08.09 15:19, Michael Fuese wrote:
> i need to know, how to setup a service like
> The opendns service is a free service where you can use
> their dns entries, to filter web-contents.
> They block bad domains or let users block their own domain-entries.
> What i need to know:
>    - is this possible to block/redirect domains with bind

possible, yes. Easy, no. You can define own zones with own content for
unwanted domains.

>    - if so, how can i create a really big dns-cache and manipulate its  
> entries

actually you can, but bind will manage it on its own - you only don't put a
limit on its size. And, it won't be persistent.

>    - is it wise to use a databse e.g. postgres or mysql instead of the  
> bind cache

I would not say so. It's possible but not a good idea because of huge

>    - does anybody have an idea how to write a software to manipulate the 
> dns-cache and entries

with bind you can flush names and reload config files (to change zones
list), which is a bit far from "manipulate".

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