Automatic updates to internal views of slave zones?

Jaap Winius jwinius at
Wed Dec 15 01:47:25 UTC 2010

Hi folks,

Occasionally I set up a slave zone on my DNS so that I don't always  
have to wait for updates from the master. However, my named.conf has  
separate internal and external views. This file has separate internal  
and external entries for the above slave zone, although these share  
the same cached zone file.

What I find irritating about this configuration is that, although the  
external slave zone, including its cache in memory, almost immediately  
reflects the changes that are made to the master, the internal slave  
zone is only updated after bind9 is restarted -- that's when it reads  
it's already updated cached zone file.

Is this a security feature that cannot be circumvented, or is it  
possible for the cached information of the internal slave zone to be  
updated together with the external one?



PS -- I tried recently to create a view containing the slave zone that  
was visible both internally and externally. The behavior of this  
configuration was buggy at best, but when it seemed to work it only  
did so in part: the internal cache was only updated automatically when  
entries were added to the zone, but not when existing entries were  
modified or deleted.

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