Automatic updates to internal views of slave zones?

Mark Andrews marka at
Wed Dec 15 02:17:50 UTC 2010

In message <20101215024725.105336hyvxgkm04k at>, Jaap Winius writes:
> Hi folks,
> Occasionally I set up a slave zone on my DNS so that I don't always  
> have to wait for updates from the master. However, my named.conf has  
> separate internal and external views. This file has separate internal  
> and external entries for the above slave zone, although these share  
> the same cached zone file.

Don't do that.  Cache files should NEVER be shared.
> What I find irritating about this configuration is that, although the  
> external slave zone, including its cache in memory, almost immediately  
> reflects the changes that are made to the master, the internal slave  
> zone is only updated after bind9 is restarted -- that's when it reads  
> it's already updated cached zone file.
> Is this a security feature that cannot be circumvented, or is it  
> possible for the cached information of the internal slave zone to be  
> updated together with the external one?

You can just have the internal view transfer from the external view.

key external {

view internal {
	match-clients { !key external;; .... };
	zone xxx {
		type slave;
		masters { key external; .....};
		file "internal/xxx";

view external {
	match-clients { key external; any; };
	zone xxx {
		type slave;
		masters { .... };
		file "external/xxx";
		notify explict;
		also-notify {; };
		allow-transfer { key external; .... };

> Thanks,
> Jaap
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