Preparing for upcoming DNSSEC changes on 5/5

Alan Clegg aclegg at
Wed May 5 13:27:24 UTC 2010

On 5/5/2010 1:32 PM, Lightner, Jeff wrote:
> 8:30 EDT 05/05/2010 and the world hasn't ended here yet.
> We can celebrate Cinco de Mayo in peace.  If only I didn't detest
> tequila.
> Side note:  I've actually been to Puebla Mexico which is where the
> battle that Cinco de Mayo commemorates took place.

Not so fast!  It's not 17:00 GMT yet.  Still ~4 more hours.

"**  The final transition to the DURZ will take place on
 **  J-Root, on 2010-05-05 between 1700--1900 UTC."


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