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Sat May 8 03:43:21 UTC 2010

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> On 05/07/10 06:49, Chris Thompson wrote:
> > Sure - just step into your time machine, go back to before the master
> > server died, and increase the SOA.expire value there so that it gets
> > propagated to the slave(s) in time.
> If he has a small number of slaves, the OP may not need a Tardis.  It's 
> possible to just edit the cache files.  It's UGLY, you need to make sure 
> you hit all the slaves, and they will get overwritten the instant your 
> master returns from the dead ... but that latter's a good thing.

They'll only be overwritten if the serial number on the master increases.

> About this master being offline for some time due to a disk failure ... 
> that policy may need review.  If the OP serves his organization's DNS, it's 
> pretty darn critical that customers be able to resolv their DNS info.

That's why there are slaves.

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