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Peter Laws plaws at
Wed May 12 21:40:21 UTC 2010

On 05/08/10 17:36, Chris Thompson as IP Register wrote:
> On May 7 2010, Peter Laws wrote:

>> If he has a small number of slaves, the OP may not need a Tardis. It's

> If you do this, you need to restart BIND on the slave to have it notice
> the change. Similarly you can "touch" the zone file to make BIND think it
> has verified up-to-dateness of the zone more recently than it actually
> has, but the same caveat applies. BIND thinks that it is in total control
> of the zone files for type slave zones, so it doesn't look at them except
> at startup.

Yep.  It's ugly, but the OP seemed to be having trouble getting his master 
fixed so I can't think of another (bad) bandaid.

Having a Tardis *would* be cool though.

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