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Chris Thompson as IP Register cet1 at
Sat May 8 22:36:06 UTC 2010

On May 7 2010, Peter Laws wrote:

>On 05/07/10 06:49, Chris Thompson wrote:
>> Sure - just step into your time machine, go back to before the master
>> server died, and increase the SOA.expire value there so that it gets
>> propagated to the slave(s) in time.
>If he has a small number of slaves, the OP may not need a Tardis.  It's 
>possible to just edit the cache files.  It's UGLY, you need to make sure 
>you hit all the slaves, and they will get overwritten the instant your 
>master returns from the dead ... but that latter's a good thing.

If you do this, you need to restart BIND on the slave to have it notice
the change. Similarly you can "touch" the zone file to make BIND think it
has verified up-to-dateness of the zone more recently than it actually
has, but the same caveat applies. BIND thinks that it is in total control
of the zone files for type slave zones, so it doesn't look at them except
at startup.

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