UAE punycode in zone

Chris Hills chaz at
Mon May 10 08:02:35 UTC 2010

On 09/05/2010 19:31, Warren Kumari wrote:
> I am *so* not an IDN person (although I did follow the IDNA WG for a
> while), but I *believe* that the process is just to convert the native
> UTF8 representation (تامايدوجان.سى) to punycode 
> (xn--mgbaajmr6mmaps.xn--ygb8b). There are a bunch of tools that will do
> this for you, I suspect that just using something like:
> is easiest.
> Now that you have the punycode representation, you just treat it like
> any other domain (create a zone file called
> xn--mgbaajmr6mmaps.xn--ygb8b, set $ORIGIN xn--mgbaajmr6mmaps.xn--ygb8b.,
> etc).

I sent a requests to isc for a new option in dig, enabled by default:-

   automatically convert input to IDN

So entering:-

dig تامايدوجان.سى

would give you the result as if you had entered:-

dig xn--mgbaajmr6mmaps.xn--ygb8b

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