Bind9 logging options

Todd Snyder tsnyder at
Tue May 18 13:24:40 UTC 2010

>The DNS Servers are authoritive. I have more than 100 users for them,
and the 
>number of queries performed per minute is very high due to the nature
of our 
>organization. Moreover, I do not have a specific time window in which
>timeouts occur, so, it is impossible to run it 24/7! From your answer I

>conclude that there is no such option, correct? 

Well, it depends on the reason for the timeouts.  If the packet is
getting lost along the way due to network issues, it would never hit the
server, and you wouldn't have any logs of it.

You could use filters on tcpdump (tcpdump -tt host x.y.z.a && port
53)and setup a script on a remote host to send a stream of queries.  You
don't necessarily have to capture all traffic to troubleshoot the
problem.  Make sure your servers are time sync'd properly so you can
correlate the logs.

Otherwise, if the issue is happening after the packet reaches the
server, then I'd bump up the debug level and turn on a bunch of logging
and make sure ntp is working fine and start watching logs while
generating a bunch of traffic from a test box.



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