DNSSEC and Bind 9.3.6

Lightner, Jeff jlightner at water.com
Wed Nov 3 13:32:25 UTC 2010

Some OSes provide an "official" BIND package and maintain it.  (e.g.
RHEL 5.x uses BIND 9.3.x).   This package while initially based on 9.3
from ISC may have security and/or functionality updates backported into
it from later versions of BIND.

If you are using such an "official" package from your OS provider the
question becomes whether it is more important to you to have the OS
provider support your BIND or whether you want to have the
latest/greatest and be community supported.   

If you want a feature in your OS vendor's "official" package you need to
check what is included because it is possible that it already is.
Failing that you can ask the vendor to add the feature.  If they won't
do it then you need to think about rolling your own (i.e. download the
ISC BIND source and build it on your system). 

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Some people here have said that the option 'managed-keys' only exists in
the bind 9.7 version.

That's ok, that's right, I'm going to upgrade my Bind.

But at this time would be very nice if it would be possible to use
with Bind 9.3.6 version, just to test some particular parameters here.

So, is that possible in any way to use DNSSEC with Bind 9.3.6?

Is there any documentation to follow?

What are the general important DNSSEC differences in these versions (9.3
and 9.7)?

Is that a really good idea install the Bind newer version considering
these differences?

Sorry the basic questions... it's just because I think it's a good idea
share my worries in this case.

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