multi-master configuration?

Chris Buxton chris.p.buxton at
Fri Nov 5 16:44:05 UTC 2010

Jiann-Ming Su wrote:
 >> On Nov 4, 2010, at 8:38 PM, Jiann-Ming Su wrote:
 >>> So, to clarify my  question.  When I add the other two dhcp servers
 >>> to the masters{}  list and set "multi-master yes" will this allow
 >>> all three dhcp servers to update the zone?  If so,
 >>> do the  three dhcp servers also update each other?
 >> No, this won't work  with BIND. It just doesn't work this way. If you
 >> try it, you will have three  completely different and unrelated
 >> versions of the same zone. There's no way for  a slave to try to
 >> integrate the data, either.
 >> Create a single hidden  master name server. Configure al three DHCP
 >> servers to update it. Or create  three separate zones, one per DHCP
 >> server.
 > In that scenario, the dynamic updates are forwarded to the hidden
 > master, right?

Only if you configure something to send them there.

Either create the necessary zone statement(s) in dhcpd.conf to send
updates directly to the hidden master, or configure the published slaves
to forward updates to the hidden master by putting an
allow-update-forwarding statement into the slaves' named.conf.

Chris Buxton
BlueCat Networks

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