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Stéphanas Schaden stephanass at ctbc.com.br
Wed Nov 10 20:08:59 UTC 2010

Hi all,


                we have a situation on our company today that is: We have a
external authoritative zone in our public DNS.


                Have have a partner company that connect to our network and
need to use a internal IP address of our company but using the internal link
and the name of the FQDN of this access is configured on our external zone.


                We were looking about the forward configuration on BIND and
we found that there is the “forward only” and “forward first” option. If our
partner configure our external zone on their DNS and configured just this
specific entry on the zone and configure the forward of the zone to our
public DNS will not work because our public DNS have this entry and this
entry is appointing to the public IP. So the entry on our customer DNS will
be used just after it query our public DNS.


                So we were looking for if there is a option on BIND (we did
not found anything yet) to do the inverse of the “forward first”. Something
link “forward after”. So, if our customer DNS receive a query and it have
that entry on the zone it will answer to the source. If it did not find this
entry in the zone it will do the forward process to our public DNS.


                There is something that could do this using BIND ?


                Thank you very much.


                Stéphanas Schaden

                stephanass at ctbc.com.br


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