Could DNS help solve this?

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Thu Nov 11 08:59:25 UTC 2010


Yes, I do use whois, my problem is which of the many dozens of whois
servers to ask.

E.g. if you want to know who owns example), do you
ask,, or ???.

If you don't know who to ask, it can take maybe 20 attempts before you
find a whois server tha gives some helpful info. In some cases looking
at the NS records helps

Somebody put up the, but that rarely gives an answer.

How do you determine where to ask?

On 11/11/10 4:07, Ian Manners wrote:
> Hi Sten,
>> With the growing number of registrars of e.g. .com domains, it becomes
>> difficult or even almost impossible to figure out which whois server you
>> should ask for information about a domain name.
> Use Whois (first under the 'Other software:' heading) from
> the command prompt.
> <>
> Even compiles ok under OS/2.
> Cheers
> Ian Manners
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