Could DNS help solve this?

Sten Carlsen stenc at
Thu Nov 11 21:56:00 UTC 2010

Well, this points the finger at me, I have normally used whois with a
specific server to ask the question, never thinking it could be that simple.

Does anybody know how whois works?

Big thanks to everybody who responded, I feel embarrassed that the
solution was that simple and I did not figure this out myself.

I use OSX and whois works the same way as described here, no need for

OSX has a Network Utility that will look domains up using whois. This
does not work well, I made the mistake to think it was functioning well,
it doesn't.

On 11/11/10 15:00, Robert Spangler wrote:
> On Thursday 11 November 2010 03:59, Sten Carlsen wrote:
>>  Yes, I do use whois, my problem is which of the many dozens of whois
>>  servers to ask.
>>  E.g. if you want to know who owns example), do you
>>  ask,, or ???.
> Why make things so difficult?  How about a simple 'whois <domain>'?  That 
> should get you the information you are looking for.
>>  If you don't know who to ask, it can take maybe 20 attempts before you
>>  find a whois server tha gives some helpful info. In some cases looking
>>  at the NS records helps
> If the domain is registered properly then the above will get you your answer 
> on the first attempt.
>>  Somebody put up the, but that rarely gives an answer.
> Then logic would tell you not to use this server.
>>  How do you determine where to ask?
> I don't, I allow whois to do that for me.
> Using your example:
> whois
> [Querying]
> [Redirected to]
> [Querying]
> []
> Please provide a real world example where you cannot get the whois 
> information.

Best regards

Sten Carlsen

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