can @ be CNAME?

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>>> can I set @ to a cname type? like:
>>> @  IN  CNAME
>> Certainly not. for a domain you have you need SOA and NS
>> records, and CNAME
>> is incompatible with both of them.
> But why @ can have an A RR?
> @ IN A
> This seems OK for us.

CNAME records are special.  You can't have any other records for a label
where you have a CNAME record (well, with the exception of RRSIG records
if you're using DNSSEC).  This is covered in great detail in any
introductory text on DNS.

The principle reason to want to have a CNAME record at the apex of a
zone is to make be a synonym for  The way to deal with that is to turn it round
and make be the CNAME record, and have the A record at  Or just have A or AAAA records at both and



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