can @ be CNAME?

Tech W. techwww at
Tue Nov 23 09:13:05 UTC 2010

Thanks a lot Matthew.

> CNAME records are special.  You can't have any other
> records for a label
> where you have a CNAME record (well, with the exception of
> RRSIG records
> if you're using DNSSEC).  This is covered in great
> detail in any
> introductory text on DNS.
> The principle reason to want to have a CNAME record at the
> apex of a
> zone is to make be a synonym for
>  The way to deal with
> that is to turn it round
> and make be the CNAME record, and have the
> A record at
>  Or just have A or AAAA records at both
> and


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